Does “VASTU-SHASTRA” still have an architectural – mileage?

According to traditional beliefs, the ancient science of building known as Vastu shastra boosts beneficial energies in and around people and places. But, over the years, this science was disregarded and barely paid any attention. But in modern times, Vastu is regarded as one of the key elements of interior design. The ideal method to design our home in the present day is to align our shoulders with the modernity we all adore. And as modernization progresses, we likewise shift in the direction of novel, innovative notions. 

The idea of interior decoration is emerging as a new trend, and people are drawn to these original ideas for adding a sophisticated touch to their space, including interior color, architecture, and carving, among other things. 

Yet sometimes even using the best ideas and designs in our homes is ineffective. We frequently run across problems during our stay that are annoying and uncomfortable. 

Many consumers depend on the Vastu principles when rebuilding, remodelling, or designing a home. The five components that make up the main energy of the cosmos are the sun, the earth, the wind, the fire, and the water. Also, they work well together when you allow these elements' positive vibes to fill your home without clashing with any negative ones. 

The use of scientific methods to interpret phenomena is highly valued in today's society. The abilities our predecessors developed for human well-being and Vastu Shastra, however, were inspired by scientific concepts. 

A few tips before you remodel your house as per VASTU. One can apply this formula for their living room, bedroom, kitchen, puja room etc.

Vastu Interior for LIVING ROOM:-

*Keep your furnishings facing south or west?
*For the walls, consider light colors.
*The southeast orientation must be established for all electrical appliances.
*Keep regular flowers around instead of fake ones.

Vastu Interior for BEDROOM: -

  • Young couples must pick a bedroom in the north, while the family person in charge should select a bedroom in the southwest.
  • For a peaceful atmosphere, choose earthy, grounded, and light colors like brown, yellow, green, rose, etc.
  • If you must have a mirror, place it along the northeast wall and refrain from keeping one in the room.

Vastu Interior for Kitchen:-

  • The kitchen, which itself is known for its crucial role in the wellness and well-being of its inhabitants, should be located in the south-east direction, or, if that is not possible, in the north-west.
  • Food warehouses should not be positioned along the northern or eastern walls.
  • Keep your cooking gas pointing southeast. It should be far away from the washing basket, with the cook facing east.
  • Cooking wood burners should not be visible from the outside.
  • Never consider placing the temple near a gas burner or laundry room.
  • Avoid employing black in the kitchen

Vastu Interior for PUJA ROOM:-

  • North, east, or northeast is the right avenue for the Puja room.
  • While praying, experience East / North.
  • Wall primary colors suggested are lemon or white.
  • Never to be built in - Bedroom adjacent to the restroom


As humanity is experiencing a new cusp of a revolution in the arena of technology, we are almost surrounded by sophisticated designs to bring calm and peace in our house, but I feel our historical arsenal "VASTU SHASTRA" & today's “SMART-HOME" concept should be used as a single entity to robust our architecture. 

Notwithstanding the fact that technology has developed to new levels, its introduction into private homes was comparatively recent. More people have been making their homes smart in recent years, but this year, it is practically an inescapable trend. 

A smart home will let you manage all of your appliances and gadgets, such as television sets, audio equipment, lights, curtains, and so on, with a click of the mouse on your smartphone. This is all the righteous indignation in 2022, as the world shifts towards smart living and technological help assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home make things even easier. 

Previously, you had to use your phones to turn on street lamps or draw curtains. Now with these assistants, all you need to do is instruct it verbally, and the task will be done. Smart homes are a trend to watch out for but innovation with vastu will sustain the trend